Wednesday, April 9, 2014

StreamTransport Has Updated Two Versions and To Solve YouTube And IE Issues

Two versions of StreamTransport have been updated and released meanwhile. This time, the update has fixed the YouTube crash problems and supported HDS stream detecting and downloading more efficiently. In addition, this project has been compatible with Win 8 and IE 11. That is a breakthrough in technology.

(New York) 8 April 2014
It is great news to the users of StreamTransport because the studio has updated and released two versions and to better in the service of the users. The version has solved the crash problems of YouTube video downloading. It also corrects the website page faults. Besides, a Fresh button is added to this version. When something is wrong or crashed in the website page, users can use this button to get the page again. That’s a completely new update this time. What’s more, by double clicking the downloaded files, uses can directly watch the video instead of finding them in the hard drive. Also, this version is more supportive to HDS streams video detecting and downloading like

As to version, it is mainly aimed at the users of Win 8 and IE11. Since the previous downloader is not compatible with IE 11 and Win 8 or higher. While this version fixes this issue and make this downloader more convenient to users with higher browser version and windows operation system. Besides, like version, it also has a Fresh button to refresh the wrong page, which makes the downloader more similar with a browser.

Since the release of StreamTransport, this downloader seems to be the most convenient and friendly-used in the world. With this powerful downloader, users can choose their favorite videos and click the detected URL, and then the procedure is beginning.

“We have been bothered by the issues of the win 8 and IE issues and we feel sorry for bringing inconvenience to the users. But, after the long-time research on the issues, now, we found out ways and released the two versions and that to solve the problems. The users just need to choose the right version when downloading videos with StreamTransport. Quite easy.” said Terry Li.

Indeed, it is quite easy now. Users will not be trapped by the issue of the compatibility with Win 8 and IE 11 or higher. “Since the pre-release of StreamTransport, the users are very active and passionate to give us more suggestions and feedbacks. We truly appreciate that because without their motivation and encouragement, we won’t fix the issues in a short time. In the future,
and we still have to establish a close connection with users so as to make this free downloader more perfect.” concluded Terry Li.

Using StreamTransport free downloader is a wise choice for the users because this downloader is truly a good helper when it comes to downloading videos. Users can save the downloaded videos in their hard drives or their home media server. It’s very convenient when they want to review the wonderful videos or share them with others. This downloader will have a promising future with its increasing users and popularity.

About StreamTransport Studio
Founded in 2010, StreamTransport Studio is developing useful and free software for users to download and play online videos. The featured product is StreamTransport which helps download from Hulu, FC2, Yahoo Video, etc. StreamTransport is probably the easiest web video downloader in the world. Using it is like using a web browser enhanced with download and task managing features. Want more information, see


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Download Megatv, Svtplay, FC2, Ndr and More Videos with Updated StreamTransport

StreamTransport has updated the downloader to the version This update makes it more supportive to most on demand or live video websites, especially for websites like Megatv, Svtplay, etc. With the update, it is much more user-friendly for more video-sharing websites now.

(New York) 1March 2014
On February 26, StreamTransport updated its downloader and this time, the downloader can support more video websites such as,, and stream.1tv.ruOf course, this update is not limited to the above websites. Other websites also can be downloaded as long as they have the similar video sharing ways. When downloading videos from these websites, users will see two spanned files. One is f4m file and the other is flv. After finishing tasks, the f4m files will disappear. Probably at present StreamTransport is the first downloader which supports downloading tasks in these websites. This will be good news to the users of these websites

StreamTransport is probably the easiest web downloader in the world. Its like a browser when using it. With advanced techniques, the free downloader works perfect on online video detecting and downloading. With StreamTransport, downloading Megatv videos in batch is not a problem at all. Just add as many downloading tasks as the users like and the downloader will help them download all these videos in order. 

“StreamTransport is famous for capturing live videos streaming with RTMPE, RTMP, etc. With it, our users can download any video in most popular video websites. Thus, this program has another name called Any FLV Downloader. said Terry Li, the developer of StreamTransport.

This time, after the research and cooperation of our team, we have find ways to make StreamTransport available to websites like In the future, we are going to add more websites on the basis of the users requirements.  continued Terry Li.

The most important update this time is to add more websites so as to benefit more users. Of course, it is still the most efficient and convenient. We truly appreciate our customers feedback via Emails or Facebook. They give us much support and suggestions so that we are motivated to make our product more perfect in the future. Choose ST, choose a convenient and enjoyable life. I believe StreamTransport will be more received with its strengths in the fierce marketing competition. concluded Terry. 
StreamTransport is a much more supportive downloader at present and with it, users can download Megatv videos, Ndr videos, FC2, etc. It is automatic and can download several tasks meanwhile. The users can put these videos in hard drives or watch them when they are on the train. Thats quite convenient. Anyway, StreamTransport will be more perfect in the future because of its growing advantages.   

About StreamTransport Studio
Founded in 2010, StreamTransport Studio is developing useful and free software for users to download and play online videos. The featured product is StreamTransport which helps download from Hulu, FC2, Yahoo Video, etc. StreamTransport is probably the easiest web video downloader in the world. Using it is like using a web browser enhanced with download and task managing features. Want more information, see

Friday, February 21, 2014

StreamTransport Is Updated to Better Download FC2, Hulu, Facebook, Ustream, and More

StreamTransport has updated the downloader to the version This update makes it more supportive to most on demand or live video websites, especially for websites like FC2, Ustream, Metacafe, Facebook, etc. With the update, it is much more user-friendly for more video-sharing websites now.

StreamTransport has released its updated video downloader and now, this downloader is more supportive to websites such as FC2, Ustream, Metacafe and Facebook, etc. With the update, it is better supporting for more video-sharing websites and modified the video list for better selecting. Now people will not be bothered by the difficulty in downloading videos in these websites, because most popular video websites are available on StreamTransport downloader.

By using StreamTransport downloader, watching and downloading videos will be much easier. This downloader is just like a browser, the customers can watch videos on it directly. And if the users want to download the video, they can download it directly because the StreamTransport downloader has detected the URL automatically, which makes downloading much more convenient.

"StreamTransport also known as Any FLV Downloader was one of the first and most efficient downloaders who can capture live videos streaming with RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, etc." said Terry Li, the developer of StreamTransport. 

"The project was stopped for more than 1 year which made the software not as efficient as it was for a while. Since last September, we launched several updates to make StreamTransport back to work again. And now it returns.Terry continued.

The return not only ensures StreamTransport more future updates, but also better customer service via Facebook and email.

Indeed, because of the updateStreamTransport downloader has become more convenient and fast. “We have got many emails and Facebook from our users and most of them think the downloader is much more efficient and user-friendly than before. We do appreciate the encouragements and feedbacks. And in the next months, we will launch more updates to make StreamTransport the perfect tool for downloading." Terry concluded.

StreamTransport downloader is a much more powerful and supportive video website downloader. By using it, users can download almost any video and most people will save these videos on hard drive so as to enjoy videos when they are free or collect their favorite videos. Anyway, with the popularity of videos, StreamTransport downloader will be more welcomed and have more advantages in the marketing competition.   

About StreamTransport Studio
Founded in 2010, StreamTransport Studio is developing useful and free software for users to download and play online videos. The featured product is StreamTransport which helps download from Hulu, FC2, Yahoo Video, etc. StreamTransport is probably the easiest web video downloader in the world. Using it is like using a web browser enhanced with download and task managing features. Want more information, see

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recent news about StreamTransport team

Hi dearest friends,
It's been a long time since my last post on this blog. Any news about StreamTransport Team?
  • The first piece of news is that StreamTransport is updated to V1.0.2.1700. It's more stable and supports more video-sharing sites. So if you are still using some previous version. Please update it to the latest one. It's available on our official site,
  • And then, we have Donation Button added on our site. You can voluntarily donate for this program now. And I'd like to say "Thank you" to all those who have donated to us. We will try our every best to make this program better and better under your help.
  • Tery is busier than before after the update of, but he's always keen on knowing if it works well to all users and in what way it should be improved. And he will surely work on fixing the bugs in his spare time. So please feel free to post on the forum.
  • Good news to me! I (Betty) will be out of office for the next two weeks for my wedding. I'll be back at May 24th. I'll miss you all here and in the forum. :)
  • Bevin and Neo will help me take care of the forum in the next two weeks. So don't worry. Your posts will still be answered and solved in time.
That's all for today. I'll be back soon and share more news with you. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest news about StreamTransport

Recently, we got some downloading issues with StreamTransport. Tery had an eye on them and got some ideas, but unfortunately, he was busy in some project now and doesn't have enough time to fix it. So the update version will take some longer time. Please accept our great apology on this. Don't worry. The update will be late, but there will. Please wait with patience.

Here I attach some tip on using this program, and hope you enjoy it.

How to watch the video as it's downloading?

Of course, while you are downloading the video, you can watch it in the browser, but this will lower the download speed. Actually, you can watch the video on your PC without taken over the bandwidth. Just follow the easy steps bellow:

1. You may already know how to download a video with StreamTransport. You can refer to this tutorial:

2. As the video is downloading, you can monitor it on the Download Window. Select the right downloading task on Download Window, click Locate button, and you will find the downloading video file highlight in its folder. Double-click the file or press "Enter" button on your Keyboard, and you can play the downloading video with your player.

3. If you don’t have one, you can search "FLV player" on for more info. Here I’d like to recommend SPlayer and VLC Player.

Note: If you cannot find the Download Window, you can click the Show Tasks button on the program main interface to pop it up.

Hope it helps.

Enjoy the pro and feedback on its forum:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi, this is the official blog of StreamTransport.

We have our own blogger now. Here I'd like to introduce our staff to you.
What is StreamTransport?
StreamTransport is a tool helps download videos from hulu, nbc, cbs, veoh, etc. It is developed and publish by the StreamTransport group, a group of people born in 1980s.

Who's the developer?
Tery is the developer of StreamTransport. He's very talented at downloading skills of HTTP, RTMP, RTMPE, and RTMPTE.
Who else are in the group?
Neo helps manage the website issues. He is actually the webmaster and also handles the forum style issues.
Bevin helps promote the program. He successfully submitted the program to many famous download sites and reviewing sites which helps us gain a lot of users and fans.
Betty, who is writing this blog, is the forum moderator and technical support. She helps the staff communicate with clients.

That's all for the introduction today. If you want to know more about the program and the staff, you can go to it's official site: or its forum, for more information.

Please feel free to post your comments and feedbacks to this blog or the forums.
We also have twitter: twitter/streamtransport
and facebook group: